13 Game of Death (2006)

13: Game of Death

Intense thriller about a man who is given the chance to complete 13 challenges for the chance to win $100 million. The challenges get more and more intense, dangerous and grotesque. At what point would you draw the line and […]

Nang Nak

Nang Nak

NANG NAK tells the heartbreaking story of a loving husband and wife who are separated by war. The husband returns home to find his wife has given birth to their son. The reunion seems idyllic until Mak gradually awakens to […]

The King and I (1956)

The King and I

The third Rodgers & Hammerstein Broadway hit to go before the cameras, The King and I boasts a career-making performance from Yul Brynner, repeating his stage triumph as the titular monarch and proving to moviegoers that bald can be beautiful. […]