Amuzing Thai Cartoons Vol 2

Adult cartoon book about living or visiting Thailand.
These cartoons most often reflect life in Thailand – the humorous side of it. Most of his inspiration comes just from sitting and watching what goes on around him.

“I think Mike Baird`s cartoons are in the same class of those of Bamforth`s saucy seaside postcards of the 1970`s and some of the artistic content rivals that of the late Beryl Cook’s work. Anyone who has stayed in Pattaya for any length of time will certainly not doubt the truth behind many of the cartoons and the type of characters and situations portrayed in a collection of Mike Baird`s work are instantly recognizable. As well as being funny (I have even seen Thai Bar-Girls laugh at them) they are often extremely poignant.”
Peter Jaggs (Writer)

M.J.B. possesses a rare talent

I have been a reader of your fine publication longer than I care to mention! Among the fine attributes of the newspaper is something I turn to with anticipation each week: Life In Fun City by M.J.B.
I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman, but he possesses the rare talent of being an artist and capturing the flavour of the fun city almost beyond comparison. His weekly renderings are humorous and to the point. I identify with damn near everything he does. Were there more like this man the world would be a better place.
Perhaps you could entice him to capture this brand of humour and adapt it to the messed up world!
Signed Fred Huff.

Amuzing Thai Cartoons Vol 2
ISBN : 978616-7270142
Category : Adult Cartoons
Pages : 51
Price from : 3.99 US$ (ebook)

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