Bangkok Sporting Club

Eddie Harris, an unsuspecting nerdy computer tech is sent to complete a computer installation at the US Embassy in Bangkok after the lead installer dissappears into the Bangkok underbelly. A series of mishaps and threats lead Harris to believe the system may actually be for the CIA. Or is it just the over-active imagination of someone who lives in the Internet outside the reality of the real world.

Quite by accident Eddie stumbles into the world’s most notorious night life where gogo bars, prostitutes and massage parlors rule the night. Anything can be had if the price is right. Everything he had ever believed about right and wrong seem turned upside down. His best friend and his boss seem to be manipulating him but to what ends? The only person he feels he can trust is the shy young desk clerk who measures a man not by the size of his wallet but by the size of his heart.

Experience Bangkok through the eyes of an innocent as he struggles with questions of morality in a world he never imagined existed. This book contains graphic adult situations.

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