Bucky Stone #5: Bad News in Bangkok

The mission trip had seemed like a dream come true for Bucky, but it was suddenly becoming a nightmare. He was 9,000 miles from home, hopelessly lost on the streets of Bangkok. Panic screamed at his senses, making it difficult to think. He couldn’t speak the language. He had no money. And he was running out of time and options.

Somewhere in the huge steaming city with its traffic jams and go-go bars was a group of Christian friends he’d give anything to see again. But it would take almost a miracle to find them.

Jump into the adventure of Bucky Stone’s colorful life, as Volume 5 takes our hero clear around the world and into the vortex of danger.

David B. Smith is also the author of “Heaven” and the recent Our Gang biography, “Finding Waldo.”

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