Buddha’s Tooth Trilogy

Enjoy the calamitous adventures, as three Englishmen men embark on a voyage of discovery in Thailand,.where they become embrolled in a deadly chase to recover a stolen holy relic [Buddha’s Tooth]. Follow their antics as they continue with their escapades into Cambodia and encounter more adversaries as they attempt to recover the relic which has been once again stolen for a whole new and sinister reason [Chalice].Finally, enter the last chapter in the Buddha’s Tooth Trilogy as the lads, alongside their new freind and ally [ a combatant monk].enter Vietnam to rescue a prescious item from an old and dangerous adversary [Bimat]
Please be entertained as you journey through South East Asia, along with our unwitting heroes as they undergo the changes from juiced[slightly drunk] through ‘spannerd’ and ‘shitfaced’ to the ultimate stage of ‘wankered’ [wasted] with the introduction of copious amounts of the magic potion ‘beer’ as they bumble along from adventure to adventure. All three books are combined into one great novel Trilogy

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