One Week on Koh Samet

Unlike Thailand Travel Kit by Jack B. Wily, this book is in journal form. It was written day by day throughout a one week trip to Samet Island. The author has been to Samet Island about fifteen times. It was written in a notebook on the porch of a hut in between hikes and swimming on a great beach. Then it was typed up in Bangsaen, Thailand. The author has spent eight years in the country. Jack also writes fiction, this journal is an informal record of a trip to one of the main islands of Thailand. A worthwhile read for anyone heading towards one of the most popular islands in the country — Koh Samet. The island has a personality of its own. Less developed, more relaxed than some of the other islands. The book tells of a beach that is uncrowded and peaceful and in the author’s opinion one of the best beaches in Thailand.

One Week on Koh Samet A traveler's Journal (Thailand Travel Kit)

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