The book is teaching you to speak Thai naturally. The book comes along with DVD which will make u feel more familiar with the language than from the traditional courses or by just reading from the book only. Some readers claimed that this book is the handiest that they have every found to learn day-to-day Thai language.

Also this book is recommended by Thai language teacher. It’s a great book for serious Thai learners, also Thai teacher uses this book as well for teaching the students because it’s very fun to use and they found that the phases in the book are very useful and they are used in daily by Thais. Speak like A Thai doesn’t end at the Volume 1 but more to come later with 2, 3, 4. Continue reading it if you find it’s useful.

Moreover some Thai people say that they found this book useful for Thais as well because Thais can also learn English from this book and DVD. The DVD will speak both in English and in Thai. It will say in Thai first then follow by English as the translation.

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