The book is about the story of farang (foreigners) who lived in the prison in Thailand for 12 years named Warren Fellows who was convicted in Thailand of heroin trafficking and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was being in jail since 1978 where he started to realize that Thai jail was the nightmare that he couldn’t even imagine of before and he had to face that nightmare for real in Thai jail which is not in his own country even, his days were getting worse and worse.

When you read this, it’s very hard to imagine how can one person lives alone in this kind of places. He was forced to stand in a sewer neck-high which can make you feel like 1 minute equals to 10 years, he also had to eat cockroaches you find in your cell as it’s the only source of protein food that you can find.

It seems that this book will let you know more about how things happened in the cell in Thailand, not just from the news you read or from what the public or government tells you. Fellows doesn’t write this book in case to ask for the pity or show his denial of his guilt. There is nothing like that saying in his book but he’s telling the readers about his life in the cell in Thailand. Nevertheless, the readers will find that it’s a lot better to live in the world outside and you better stay away from the jail.

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