Set on a sweeping canvas stretching from Australia’s Sunshine Coast to the bustling streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and on to the hills of Thailand’s Golden Triangle, this action thriller tells a gripping story of mystery and intrigue, deception and romance.

Steven Carlson, Australian Secret Service agent, is assigned to investigate a Thai orchid exporter, Chak Artachinda, who is suspected of being a member of a syndicate shipping drugs to Australia. He tails his suspect from Queensland to Bangkok, but quickly discovers someone wants him dead. He continues his surveillance in Chiang Mai, where he encounters a beautiful Thai woman named Srisamorn, who harbours a secret of her own that is about to compromise Carlson’s mission. And that spells danger for them both. Just as Carlson thinks he’s found the proof he needs against Chak, he finds out he’s mistaken, and it brings with it a death sentence. With his life on the line, the only one who can save him is Srisamorn.

The Orchid File (under the title The Noosa Connection) was short-listed for an Australian Genre Fiction Award.


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