Are you a hard core traveler who comes to Thailand and looking for something excited? More specific, Are you a climber who wants to have experience climbing in many interesting places and Thailand is one of your choices? If your answer is yes for those 2 questions, then this book is for you.

Thailand is a climber’s paradise, in this book you will find the information about where to climb, where to stay, where to take, where to get the gear for climbing in Thailand, local transportation, Thai history and more. In other words, this book will help you to start the climbing trip and end it nicely in happy way because you will find out all detail since the beginning until the end of the trip.

The book is also giving you the route and the description of the climbing area. Not only the climbers who will find this book useful but also the first visitors to Thailand because the book contains the information and stories of where to live, locations, getting around and culture.

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