The book is perfect for tourists who have only short time to spend in Thailand like a week or so. The size of the book is very small, so that’s easy for you to carry along wherever you go. But because the book is small the size of the letters will also be small as well.

You will find that the book is very easy to find tips and fast to read, the book gets all the important information which you’re supposed to know in short time. Also the book has a separate map for you which is good. The book acts like a guide that travel with you the whole trip since you have it until you leave Thailand. This book might not be a good idea for someone who has problem with eye-sight because the letters are pretty small due to the size of the book and because it’s intended to be small in order to let the tourists can carry it along to wherever they go.

The book tells the readers the interesting destinations to go in Thailand for you to pick and also some tips and what to do in each destinations. Also it has the pictures of the places, so the readers can see what places look like and help the readers to make the decision easier.

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