Pattaya Nature Trails by Balthazar Moreno

Pattaya Nature Trails by Balthazar Moreno

Get out and move your butt around Pattaya is not always hot and there is a always some place where you can find a cool beer not only in a bar. You simply cannot spend your entire life sitting on a bar stole in-front of some girls swinging around a iron pool or asking you if you come alone.

Even if you lived in Pattaya for over five years did you know about the Pattaya WATERFALL and I am not talking about the one in your condo.

We had a great success with 99 Things to do in Pattaya and this is the part of the same series but only have things that is about nature and outdoors for the most parts. People loved the bigger volume but some people just want to have a smaller copy just for nature. This is what people said when the big book came out.

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