Bangkok and the Nights of Drunken Stupor

Bangkok and the Nights of Drunken Stupor presents the gritty, street-wise, and thought provoking poetry and prose of Scott Shaw — composed during his years of living in Bangkok, Thailand.

About the Author
Scott Shaw is a prolific poet, author, actor, and filmmaker. Shaw was born and spent his formative years in Hollywood, California and has since spent years of his life living in various geographical locations throughout Asia. His poetry and literary fiction was first published in literary journals in the late 1970s. He continued forward to have several works of poetry and literature published in book form during the 1980s. As the 1990s dawned, Shaw’s writings began to be embraced in Spiritual and Martial Art circles. From this, he has authored a number of books on Zen Buddhism, Yoga, and the Martial Arts, published by large publishing houses.

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