Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

Thai massage is an increasingly popular healing modality, and many American and European massage schools offer at least introductory, if not more, courses to their students these days. Drawing from Thai history, cultural studies, Buddhist religion, and yogic practices, as well as a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology, this book finally bridges the gap between the theory and practice of Thai massage.
This book is unique, in that it presents this form of bodywork as it is understood in Thailand?as a therapeutic medical science. For the first time, the history, spiritual traditions, and ethical codes of Thai medicine are presented in full alongside the most detailed analysis of each particular step in the Thai massage routine. Examples of therapeutic routines to treat specific disorders are discussed; a complete section is dedicated on the main energy meridians and diagrams of acupressure points.

This book is written in an engaging, informal style, with numerous photographs and diagrams that illustrate the techniques used.

About the Author
C. Pierce Salguero is a nationally accredited teacher of traditional Thai massage and herbal medicine and a member of the Shivagokomarpaj Institute (Thailand’s most prestigious massage school), the Association of Northern Thai Medicine, the American Herbalists Guild, and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. His institution, the Tao Mountain School of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine, offers courses in the Shivago Lineage of Thai Massage. He also teaches Thai massage at the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, VA, the Baltimore School of Massage, and at the BSM’s satellite campus in York, PA.

Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

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